About Us

Like Anime? Like Japanese culture? Manga? So do we.

Arc Anime is the site where you can come to find simple reviews of series, and episodes, you could be interested.  If you don’t see it in our list of reviews send us a message, we’ll do our best to convince Washu to let us find out for you.

We derive ourselves from the early days of Anime with an extensive account of different Animes and Mangas. In order to offer a greater understanding to the American & Japanese Anime culture, we put our time into giving you the understanding of Anime we have in depth of.  We support the Japanese culture and the organizations that produce these materials and post along with our reviews (if available) a link to a Free and supporting site of the culture.  Every post and review has been done under a voluntary basis, and with the daily tasks from the great mad scientist Washu it may take us time to get to a review or post.

Is thanks to you that make the site. Your referrals and support make us convince Washu this is worthy experiment.