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World Trigger Episode 3

School, under attack by the neighbours. You friends in danger. Osamu reveals himself as a border agent in order to project everyone despite knowing that death would be imminent. In a fight that Osamu that is his alone, otherwise risk his friends, classmates, and Kuga’s identity as a Neighbour. In his fight, Osamu realizes the […]

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World Trigger Episode 2

  So what does one do, when you befriend a person who claims to be a “Neighbor” a visitor of another world. What do you do when he known absolutely nothing of your world? Turn them in? Run away? Help them? Osamu, after being rescued by Kuga, decides to help him understand after seeing Kuga […]

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World Trigger Episode 1

So to start the ball off rolling I will start with World Trigger. A Shonen action based series about a parallel version of current day Japan in which the the town one day suddenly is attacked by strange creatures which destroy the town. The main character a highschool boy (Mikumo, Osamu), meets this strange person […]